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Furrave is a dance-event aimed toward the furry fandom. The event is hosted in the Netherlands.
To join the Furrave you'll need to be over 16 years old. To enjoy alcoholic beverages you need to be over 18.
The next Furrave will be held on February 2nd, 2019 from 20:00 till 02:00
The next Furrave will just as the previous edition be held at Fluor033, however this time we will see you at the bigger main stage!

Oude Fabriekstraat 29
This year the theme is 'The Apocalypse', the theme is inspired by the Fallout Franchise, The Walking Dead, Mad Max, etc.
You may use your phone to make pictures or video's for no comercial purpose. If you wanna make higher quality videos you need permission from the organization first.
Not asking before the making of videos (exept phone footage) can result in a denial of access to the venue.
If you make any digital (video)images. Furrave has the rights to all created material.
For questions mail: info@furrave.com
Definitly not, we reviewed the feedback from previous editions and we will make sure that hardstyle is kept to the absolute minimum. BUT there will definitly be some played in the later hours for the fans of the harderstyles.
No worries, feel free to contact us to ask your question here!
The ticket sale is already open! You can get a ticket until 1 day before the event or when we reach our maximum capacity.
Yes, you are required to show a legal legitimation document (No an OV-Chipkaart or debit/creditcard is not a legal form of legitimation). Not having any legitimation with you means you won't have entrance to the Venue!
No, you are not allowed to. Any food and drinks we encouter will be taken from you and returned after the Furrave. You can buy all sorts of refreshments at the bar.